"We surf almost every day using only Honey Shield"

Why use Honey Shield?

 Let's start off with the danger of conventional ingredients.

This can be a very long section but let's keep it short and sweet:

  1. Some chemical UV filters (e.g. Oxybenzone) mimic hormones which disrupt the normal functioning of your body
  2. Parabens are used as preservatives in a lot of products, but unfortunately causes cancer as well.
  3. Petrochemicals (liquid paraffin, petrolatum) are made from crude oil, the same horrible stuff that washes up on the beach after an oil spill. Petrochemicals build up in your brown fat cells and cause cancer.

These are only the most common ingredients; the list of dangerous chemicals used in conventional products is long. 

At Honey Shield we have a rule:  Simple is Best.

We use products straight out of Nature and we do not alter them.

This philosophy can be a useful guide when buying food, sunscreen, cosmetics, medicine - basically anything that will enter your body or be applied on your skin. If you don't know what it is, avoid it.

We are not machines.

Natural is always better.

What can Honey Shield offer you?

  1. Only simple, natural, non-toxic ingredients go into Honey Shield. Nothing you have to wonder about.
  2. Honey Shield does not wash off easily in even the most turbulent of water.
  3. Honey Shield is closely matched to skin colour and comes in two skin tones.
  4. It tastes fine and smells divine.
  5. It does not burn the eyes.
  6.  It can be applied to cuts and grazes when entering the water.
  7. Our products are non-toxic and will not damage reefs or other natural ecosystems.
  8. As a bonus for all those teenage rippers: three of Honey Shield's ingredients are widely used to treat Acne.